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Use CarbonX to leverage the power of technology and understand your businesses emissions impact.

Become self-sufficient and operate sustainably!

The CarbonX platform empowers you to

Accurately calculate your emissions

There’s alot going on behind the scenes! We calculate each of your emissions separately, providing a granular calculation for every possible activity within your organisation. Each calculator has its own methodology so that you can be confident in the numbers.

Create reports to inspire action

What is my biggest emitter? Where can we reduce our impact? We make your data easy to understand. Access pre-built reports or connect your own data analysis tools through our API to create a custom report.

Build a strategy to reduce your impact

We want to give you control over your emissions. We also believe that reducing your emissions shouldn’t damage your bottom line. Our network of expert sustainability consultants work with you to build a custom strategy that helps you reach your emission goals.

Centralise your emissions data

We know that data can be your biggest asset, but, one challenge for businesses is data management. Using the CarbonX platform you can store and manage your emissions data in one place.

Prepare for accreditation

Let your customers know that you are making a credible commitment to a more sustainable world and attract consumers who share your values. With our strategy and reports we can help you prepare to become a BCorp, GRI, TCFD and Net Zero environmental disclosures.

Offset any emissions you can't fully reduce

Reaching Net Zero is a journey, and it’s not always possible to fully eliminate all of your emissions right away. Purchase offsets from impact projects around the world that align with your interests and mitigate your climate change risks with accredited suppliers.

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