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Do you want to partner with CarbonX to help your customers lead more sustainable lives?

Give your customers the confidence that their offsets are being quickly and accurately calculated, and that by offsetting their vehicle emissions we are all one step closer to achieving net-zero carbon greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. We empower customers to offset their emissions when they take out a policy with you.

Using policyholders planned emissions, we calculate their yearly emissions
We link their emissions to certified greenhouse gas offset projects around the world
Policyholders can sign up to learn more about living sustainably through our knowledge hub

We integrate our software into your process, combining the data your customers are already giving you with publicly available and certified data to accurately calculate greenhouse gas emissions. Which we then use to immediately offer carbon offsets to your policyholders.


Enable customers to mitigate their emissions quickly at a low cost Customers are becoming more aware of their own impact on the environment, and are choosing companies which offer them the opportunity to take action. We offer an easy to use, transparent solution for your customers to take ownership of their emissions and make a positive contribution to the planet at a similar price to break down cover.

Keep your policyholders informed

We offer the opportunity to receive up to date information about best practices to help policyholders reduce their emissions. We give your customers access to sign up to the knowledge hub to learn about sustainable developments in the transport industry. You will have access to your own metrics, giving you an insight into how seriously your customers are taking climate change and sustainability to inform future products.

Make your own contribution to climate change.

CarbonX is part of The Circular Materials Network that is delivering environmental sustainability as a service to businesses. Get in touch to find out more. We would love to help with your own journey to a sustainable business.

How it works

Offset your own emissions

Do you have a fleet of business vehicles? We can accurately offset your entire fleet quickly and easily!

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