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All our projects are regularly audited by independent organisations such as Gold Standard, Verified Caron Standard or CCB Standards or to verify that they meet their obligations as offset projects. Our projects also support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, helping to improve health, education and economic opportunity whilst reducing poverty and inequality. Find out more about our projects below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about the projects we are involved in?

All our projects have been independently audited by organisations such as Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard or CCB Standards. These organisations ensure that each project is calculating the amount of CO₂ they offset correctly.

We want to support projects that provided the greatest possible impact, both in terms of the CO₂ they offset, but also in terms of the wider impacts they have on the local area.

As well as removing CO₂ from the atmosphere, all our projects have additional benefits including preserving habitats of endangered species, supporting economic growth and improving health and education of local communities.

As we grow you will be able to support projects that align with your personal values. We buy our offset credits in bulk to keep administrative costs down and ensure that each project gets maximum benefit from our investment. We plan to add a broader range of projects in the future. If you have a particular one you like, please message us and we will see if we can add it for you.

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