Nii Kaniti: Community Forest Management with Indigenous Communities

Nii Kaniti: Community Forest Management with Indigenous Communities

This project works with 7 indigenous communities on 127,000 hectares of threatened forest in the Peruvian Amazon and focuses on sustainable forest management and using available resources to create new enterprises to support the indigenous communities

  • Since its conception, this project has avoided the release of 2.8 million tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere
  • This project protects 127,000 hectares of threatened forest with a rich biodiversity, including jaguars, blue-headed macaws and tapirs, all threatened species.
  • Community development is at the heart of this project by supporting local enterprises that protect the forest and its biodiversity.

The technical bit

The Nii Kaniti project works with seven indigenous communities to conserve 127,000 hectares of threatened forest in the Peruvian Amazon. This project protects the rainforest and avoids deforestation on community land through the scaling of sustainable forest management.

The project addresses climate change, ecosystems and species protection, sustainable enterprise, inclusivity and livelihoods as well as creating fair economic return and improving the support and creation of sustainable commodities.

Wider impact

This project has also had a wider impact on the indigenous communities involved by supporting and scaling local enterprises including sustainable logging, cacao farming on previously deforested land and women’s projects such as traditional crafts. This provides additional income to these communities allowing them to keep the land they live on and continue to protect its ecosystems.

Climate finance is working through this project to connect these enterprises to export markets that previously the indigenous people had no access to, reducing their earning potential. Through access to the export market, the revenue generated will be high enough to cover the cost of sustainable forest management that is needed to avoided the deforestation that is devastating this land

Where is your money going?

  • Employing individuals to carry out surveillance and law enforcement within the forest areas, preventing illegal poaching and deforestation
  • Supporting the climate finance initiative, helping the indigenous people to scale their enterprises, allowing them to earn enough to continue managing the forest sustainably and prevent total deforestation of this critical ecosystem