Action over words for a more sustainable business

Take the lead, mitigate climate change by starting your sustainable revolution

We provide the tools to help your organisation become more sustainable

The business world is changing, and understanding the impact that your organisation is having on the environment can no longer be avoided.

We can calculate and manage your emissions to support government reporting, SBTi and B-CORP submissions. This enables you to save money, appeal to the growing ethical consumer market and give you a more holistic understanding of your supply chain.

Our Approach

CarbonX is a union of people and technology. We support you through the first stages of your businesses transition and empower your organisation to discover new sustainable opportunities.
Utilising the CarbonX platform, we will help you to set targets, understand where you can reduce your carbon emissions reach your sustainability goals and work towards reaching net-zero emissions.

1. Investigate and Calculate

The first step is to calculate the boundaries of your organisation and influence. We take the time to fully calculate your emissions to enable your organisation to identify the sources of your environmental impact. By working with us, you can be confident that at least 95% of your emissions will be picked up by our report.

2. Evaluate

CarbonX centralises your emissions data and will take you through your emissions report step-by-step to understand which parts of your business are producing the highest environmental impact.

3. Set Your Strategy

We guide you to identify best in class solutions to set out ambitious yet achievable goals for your organisation. Our data science platform creates visualisations to understand your impact, spread conviction, and inspire others to take action.

4. Take Action

The most important step. Through our network of sustainability consultants, product suppliers, and charities, together we will work to reduce, mitigate or offset your environmental impact. You and your team will be able to innovate and build from the new ideas we will share with you, and whilst CarbonX emission calculation provides you confidence, your organisation is creating the most impact.

5. Transformation Management

And finally, use the CarbonX platform to set and track your goals through the year. As a member of CarbonX, you will be able to use our platform to centralise your emissions data to create dynamic reports so that you can track your progress on the transition to becoming a truly sustainable business.

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